How Was Immediate Circuit Created?

Immediate Circuit is the manifestation of one individual's inquisitiveness and their odyssey to unearth the enigmatic aspects of Bitcoin. The originator of Immediate Circuit was already captivated by the enigma surrounding Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic creator of this groundbreaking cryptocurrency. However, their initial fascination soon transformed into an ardent passion for trading Bitcoin upon discovering its true potential.

It took them an arduous three years to develop trading strategies that proved highly efficacious as a Bitcoin trader. By meticulously analyzing price patterns, discerning the primary influencers on Bitcoin pricing, and identifying the most suitable trading tools, they ultimately synthesized all these elements to forge the foundation of Immediate Circuit.

In the year 2014, the founder of this platform shared their ambitious vision with a confidant, who promptly connected them with a team of proficient programmers. In a mere span of 15 months, the remarkable Immediate Circuit was brought to life—a comprehensive hub housing an abundance of invaluable resources for Bitcoin traders. Over time, this trading platform has undergone substantial enhancements and technological advancements, facilitating swift trades with just a few clicks.

Immediate Circuit Team

We were established by a trio of 3 former Wall Street traders and a quantitative analyst. At present, our team has expanded to include more than 15 highly experienced traders and three quantitative analysts. We are presently in the process of bringing aboard new talents.

If you possess experience in quantitative trading, you have the opportunity to apply and become a part of the Immediate Circuit team. Additionally, we are actively seeking market analysts who can contribute to our blog.

Since the very inception of our platform, our paramount objective has been to empower traders by demonstrating that they possess the autonomy to develop their own distinctive trading styles, choose their preferred Bitcoin pairs, and establish parameters for trading in accordance with their individual preferences.

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